The Quinault Indian Nation encourages iPhone & Android users to set up Washington Notify on their cell phones. This feature and app is used as a tool to track and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by using technology to send potential exposure notifications directly to your cell phone. All notifications are anonymous. Attached is a flyer with general information of how WA Notify works and how to set it up on your device.

QIN guidance for WA Notify users:

  • The QIN guidance for WA Notify users correlates with the QIN Quarantine guidelines.
  • If you are a WA Notify user and test positive for COVID-19, your Case investigator will confirm your use of the feature or app and generate a link for you to utilize. The link will send anonymous exposure notifications to other WA Notify users that were in close contact with you during your exposure period.
  • If you receive an exposure notification from WA Notify stating that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, you will need to begin an immediate quarantine. Please contact the QIN COVID Call Center (360) 276-2445 to notify them of  your quarantine and to obtain services.
  • Those that are symptomatic and receive an exposure notification need to begin a 14-day quarantine and test as soon as possible.
  • Those that are asymptomatic and receive an exposure notification need to quarantine right away and test 5 days after you receive the notification. If the test is positive and you remain asymptomatic, your quarantine period will be 10 days. If symptoms develop during the 10 days, your quarantine period will be extended to 14 days. If the test is negative, you may end quarantine on Day 7 but will need to monitor for symptoms for the remaining 14-day quarantine period.
  • Those that are vaccinated are not required to quarantine if they meet the following guidelines:
    • Are fully vaccinated (i.e., ≥2 weeks following receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series); and
    • Are within 6 months following receipt of the last dose in the series; and
    • Have remained asymptomatic since the current COVID-19 exposure; and
    • Are not inpatients or residents in a healthcare setting
  • All test results obtained outside of QIN Testing sites will need to be relayed to QIN IC Team.

Please visit for more information or contact the QIN COVID Call Center for additional QIN guidance on WA Notify.