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Information and updates to our community.

COVID-19 News & Updates

Who are we? 

COVID Response Team

The COVID Response Team (CRT) has about 8 staff: CRT Coordinator, Data Specialist, Lead Testing Unit, (2) MA Nurses, (3) Testing team members. 


Incident Command Team (ICT) has 1 full-time position Operations and Planning Chief, 2 daily monitors for quarantine patients, 5 contracted Case & Contact investigators, and 5 contracted Site monitors for the ISO/Q Facility. There are also 5 Nurses from RSHC on standby for daily monitoring of Isolation patients.

Isolation Center

ICT partners with Grays Harbor County DOH to staff an isolation and Quarantine site located in Hoquiam, WA. Any QIN tribal member OR grays harbor County resident may be housed free of charge with room, board, and food provided during their isolation or quarantine period. Site is owned by the County, QIN contracts out to staff facility and is reimbursed by the County.

Call Center

Any COVID related questions, inquiries, exposures, positive tests, use of the 8th st. facility should be directed to the COVID Call Center 360-276-2445 (Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM, Sat/Sun 10AM-2PM)

Looking back…


There were approximately 139 homes serviced in 2020 and 444 homes serviced in 2021 as of 11/23/2021. The largest number of quarantine patients monitored at one time was 96, the largest number of Isolation patients monitored at one time was 51. You can see below there have been 467 total positive cases as of 12/13/2021 from Aug 2020, and 1,071 total quarantine patients for monitoring as of 11/23/2021 from Aug 2020. (Could have been multiple people in the same household, and could have monitored the same house more than once due to exposures.


In the year 2021, the COVID Response Team performed 12,000+ test to community members as well as employees. 


QIN cases are defined as QIN Tribal members within the service are of Grays Harbor or residents of Taholah, Q-Village, and Queets.

Month Totals: 
August – 7
September – 2
October – 0
November – 18
December – 50
January – 32
February – 6
March – 13
April – 10
May – 21
June – 19
July – 19
August – 68
September – 59
October – 96
November – 44
December – 3
TOTAL QIN Cases: 467



Vaccines: (As of 10/21/21)

1460 fully vaccinated

928 identified as American Indian/Alaskan Nation accounting for 64% of vaccinations provided by QIN.

517 individuals identified with a Taholah Zip code = 78% vaccinated per 2019 census data
63% per QIN Planning data

77 individuals identified with a Queets zip code = 40% vaccinated per 2019 census data              
51% per QIN Planning data


March =220 vaccines

April = 141 vaccines

May = 76 vaccines

June = 69 vaccines

July =  104 vaccines

August= 72 vaccines

September= 85 vaccines

October= 31 vaccines


<18 years of age = 88 vaccinated (6%)

19-25 year olds = 126 vaccinated (9%)

26-40 year olds = 348 vaccinated (24%)

41-54 year olds = 328 vaccinated (22%)

55+ year olds = 570 vaccinated (39%)









The Frontliners

Dear heroes of the frontlines, indeed. Offering your service to those in need. In you a weariness that begs for relief. From the agony of such incredible grief. Dear frontline heroes behind the mask. Committed to such a heart-wrenching task. Relentlessly you work to serve, with hope to see that declining curve. Tears of sorrow fill your eyes. For some may live and many will die. So afraid of what cannot be seen, and well beyond a horrific dream. Like soldiers, you have held your ground. Believing a cure would soon be found. Frontline heroes, brave to the last. Keep faith in your Lord for this too will pass. Retreat not from hope, do not despair. For surely God is always near. Know that all things are in His plan. We may not always understand. And if angels resided on earth, abound as you, on the frontline they would be found. Dear frontliners, know this to be true, God’s mercy is present in all that you do.

– O. Abdul Alim