Inform Yourself about COVID-19



 Misinformation travels fast.

Stay up-to-date and informed with resources and information about testing, vaccines, best practices, and COVID-19.

Call Center: 360.276.2445

Regular Hours

Monday – Friday 8am-4:30pm

Sat/Sun + Holidays – Check voicemails daily at 2pm.

Urgent Care at RSHC

Roger Saux Health Center offers urgent care on the following days:

  • Monday 8am-10:30am
  • Wednesday 1:00-3:30p
  • Thursday 1:00-3:30p
  • Friday 1:00-3:30p

The medical team will not be performing rapid covid tests for the community. You must want to be seen by a provider for your symptoms, you will be seen if the covid test is negative. The CRT will determine when and if they can do a rapid test for community members and employees. Call 360.276.2445 to determine where you should test.

Video Resources

Urban Indian Health Institute


Dr. Julian Perez shares the moments of uncertainty and fear that he lived when the virus entered his home, putting his life and his family in danger. As essential health workers who have continued their work despite the pandemic, he and his wife Antoinette Angulo explain how COVID-19 is a disease that we can all help fight if only we all have the correct behavior.


Dr. Julián Pérez comparte los momentos de temor e incertidumbre que vivió cuando el virus entró a su hogar, poniendo en peligro su vida y la de su familia. Como trabajadores esenciales de la salud que han continuado su labor a pesar de la pandemia, él y su esposa Antoinette Angulo explican cómo el COVID-19 es una enfermedad que todos podemos ayudar a combatir si todos tenemos el comportamiento adecuado